Thursday, 15 March 2012

Get some motivation

After a long day at work, how do you find the motivation to run?

  • Think about the times you couldn't run.  There is nothing worse than being injured, or having other commitments.  Use these to spur you on to train hard when you are fully fit
  • Switch your sessions round.  Sometimes you just can't mentally or physically do a good speed session.  Instead, do a light session and continue as normal the following day.  You can also take a few days off if you're feeling it.  You'll notice virtually no change in fitness, but you'll feel fitter and fresher within a few days
  • Get out with a mate.  Regardless of pace, running with somebody else, especially someone slower, can be more enjoyable.  Forget about pace every once in a while, and just enjoy running, and not having to compete
  • Talk about your training to others.  Taking out your frustrations before your run will make you feel better when you do run, and you might perform better.  Plus, they will ask you about your training, so you'll want to get your sessions done
  • Run home.  It's a lot easier to run home as your mode of transport than to fit in a separate run, and it's when you'll be alert.  Running later on might be lethargic.  Get your run in before you start to feel tired
  • Substitute.  Bike and then run.  Run and then swim.  Brick sessions are used by triathletes but will take some of the strain off your body.  You can still run, which will maintain your leg strength, but also get plenty of aerobic conditioning in.  Perfect for rehab, easy weeks, and days when you don't feel up to the usual run.