Thursday, 26 January 2012

Targets for 2012

I thought it best that I post some medium-term targets on here in preparation for an exciting year of racing ahead. Last year my best event was easily my single 5k at Capenhurst, so it makes sense to start with that event and work up the distances.

Current - 17:02
Also ran 17:02 in training during a high-mileage week in December.
Target - 16:40

5 mile
Current - 29:06 (not UKA certified)
Target - 28:00

Current - 36:43
Previous bests - 36:50, 37:50
Target - 35:00

10 mile
Target - 58:30

Current - 82:05 (windy, more like 79 mins)
Target - 77:00

I think these are definitely achievable and hopefully will be achieved in the coming months.

Later on I'll post my track targets, depending of course on how much track racing I choose to do through the spring and summer.

I would be interested on hearing anyone's targets for 2012 - tweet me or e-mail me (see my profile for info).

Monday, 23 January 2012

Helsby half-marathon - a brief summary

So, it's the day after a windy day in Helsby tackling the Essar Four Villages Half Marathon. Calves feel quite tight today, but an easy jog helped slightly.

The course had a slight change this year; mile two incorporated a more direct, steep uphill, and this had to be made up with a start further inside the social club. The race started fine but it was head-on into the wind after the third mile. I dropped about 20 seconds on that mile alone. After a brief chat with the lead lady I went through 5 miles in about 30:45 and felt comfortable.

The wind continued to gust hard and quite randomly, making it difficult to pace. Eventually I saw the clock at mile 10, going through in approximately 62:35. This was a bit of a surprise considering I'd already put in a 6:46 mile. The wind wasn't getting any better, and with the open nature of the course, worse was to come.

It seemed like the wind was cancelling out the downhills and after 11 miles of hard effort in the gale I couldn't capitalise on them to duck under 82 minutes, finishing in a hard-fought 82:05, but still a little surprised.

Not a bad first half-marathon outing, but I can't wait for a calm and flat one to see if I can get 78 minutes.